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Update stocks and mutual fund prices in India

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I am a new user from India trying to update stocks and mutual funds prices without any luck. Although KMy Money handbook says that is used to update stock prices, I am unable to find Yahoo Finance in the online source list. With respect the above my queries are :

1. Do I need to download any plugin or additional software to get Yahoo Finance in the online source list, or alternatively,

2. Do I have to configure a new quote source with Yahoo Finance URL?

I shall be very much thankful if someone kindly shares what goes into the boxes like URL, CSV-URL, Identifier, Price, Date, Date Format etc.

If anybody has a solution other than those mentioned above may also kindly share.

I am using KMY Money version 5.0.6 in Windows 7.

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This post has been since more than two years.

India is a fast growing market and there are millions of retail investors. There are commercial software like Mprofit and investorplus are highly successful.
If developers can focus on india centric approach and offer tailor made solutions, it will have a high rate of adoptibility of this software.

Will very much appreciate, if one of the developers can help us out in fetching the quote of stocks and mutual fund from indian stock market.
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I'm not sure why this never did get any response. First, just to be sure, at this point 5.0.6 is pretty old. 5.1.3 is the latest release. Second, Yahoo Finance should be on the list of sources in any normally compiled version of KMyMoney, I think it is usually the last one on the list. In the past (quite possibly around the time of 5.0.6, but I don't remember for certain) a number of the online sources, including Yahoo, had changed their web layout, requiring changes to the regexp used by KMM to extract the actual price from the fetched page. As far as I know, all those changes have now been stable for quite some time, and KMM is able to fetch from all the included sources.
If you are still having any problems fetching price data, you need to provide more information if you want help. What version of the program are you using, what OS/distribution? What exact error message are you getting. What is the stock/fund you are trying to fetch, and are you sure you have the correct stock symbol for it? It can also sometimes help to run KMyMoney from command line in a console, in case any relevant errors are printed to console.


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