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CSV importer mixes: description, payee, memo fields

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I am discovering KmyMoney and it looks very promising.
I have been doing my personal accounting using LibreOffice Calc for 10 years now and therefore i would like to import this historical data into Kmymoney (import from CSV file).

My CSV historic file has several columns, the relevant ones for the import are:
  1. date
  2. amount
  3. transaction detail or comment
  4. category
  5. payee
This is my first try of mapping the source and target fields.

  1. first approach: target field "payee/description is fed by source field "payee" alone, see picture (click on picture to enlarge):
    What i like: the payees are "clean". They are only payees ( without more details :), see second approach below)
    What i don't like: in Ledgers -> Transaction view -> the column "details" shows the payee. the column name "details" is misleading, i would expect there to see the CSV source field "transaction detail or comment" there, which is only visible in the memo target field, which is only shown while clicking on a single transaction.
  2. second approach: a) target field "payee/description is fed by source field "transaction detail or comment" alone, b) target field "memo" ist fed by both source fields "transaction description" and "payee" (to be safe), see picture (click on picture to enlarge):
    What i like: in Ledgers -> Transaction view -> the column "details" shows the transaction details, as i would expect intuitively expect. the column name "details" is not misleading,
    What i don't like: in Payees -> the payees are not "clean". Every single transaction details is a payee now.
    Furthermore, if i try to "clean" them, which means to replace the "transaction details" by the "payee", i come back to my first approach where the ledger view does not show the "transaction details" in the column "Details"...

I guess i am not the first one trying to import his historical accounting CSV file into kmymoney.
How did you proceed? Which field mappings did you set up? Which drawbacks have you accepted?

Many thanks for your help!

KMyMoney version 5.1.3-96a32bc38
OS: Elementary OS (is ubuntu-based)

P.S. i have read this bug #42454 CSV importer cannot deal with recipient & description in separate(!) columns? and i feel the user which created it struggeled with something slight similar to me, even if not 100% similar.
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I don't know if anyone ever used the CSV importer to import historical data. Nevertheless, the main focus is on importing data from banks. After all, KMyMoney is a piece of software that can be changed :)

From what I read out of your posting, approach #1 looks promising. The only thing you complain about is that you don't see the details in the ledger. Please correct me if I am missing something. To achieve that, KMyMoney supports a few options. You can turn on the View/Show transaction detail setting. That should display all the details in the ledger. In case this takes up too much space, check the ledger lens option.

Please forgive me, if some of this is not working. I haven't used the 5.1 version for quite some time and things might be a little different in the latest development version. Let us know, if that helps.

ipwizard, proud to be a member of the KMyMoney forum since its beginning. :-D
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Many thanks ipwizard for your message.

The idea to
turn on the View/Show transaction detail setting
is good, solves my issue on a first impression, but has the drawback that i can see 3 times less transactions at a time (since each transaction becomes 3-lines high), see picture:

Is there any option allowing that the payee, the Memo and the category are shown as three own single and separated columns in the ledger view?
It would be great to get at a glance several transactions and the important related informations

P.S.: my picture is not exactly from the same software version as yesterday. inbetween i have downgraded KMyMoney to v 5.0.8 because this is the one provided by my package installation software, which include non-english languages.
The version i refered to yesterday (version 5.1.3-96a32bc38) is the one provided using the file
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(which is only in English)


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