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Woob plugin not able to interact with KMM for online account

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Hi All,

I am curious to know if someone have been already able to run successfully automatic account retrieval via Woob pluggin.

On my side :
I am running KMM on Windows10, KMM version is 5.1.3-55e6790eb
I have a functionnal woob setup on my pc, I can retrieve accounts details via woob banks CLI

In KMM I see the woob plugging in the list of pluggins available & activated
- I can launch the KMM menu to create relationship between local account and online account
- I can then select the option "woob" in the protocol to be used (other choice is ofximporter)
- I can then select the woob backend (configured via woob CLI) wich is the name of my bank

The next pop-up is titled "Account Selection" for selection of online account, via a table showing ID, Name, Account Value
And here is the issue, the list remains empty, whatever is the configuration tried at woob CLI level.
And appears following error message "No account available. Check engine configuration with Woob config-qt"

To be noted that above error message is translated from message I have in french "Vérifiez la configuration du moteur à l'aide de « Woob config-qt »."
So real error message in english may vary

I have the feeling that KMM plugin is not able to link the account selected with what is defined in Woob, maybe because there is no common identifier between KMM and Woob, or KMM can not retrieve Woob accounts configuration ...

Then my question : if someone have been successfull what was the definition made ...

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I have not used Woob, but when you map a KMM account to an online account with the ofximporter, once you enter the bank information and your user and password, the importer retrieves from the bank a list of accounts available with that login, and you pick the one to map to the local KMM account. When you use the woob cli to access your bank, how do you choose which account to access, or do you have only one account at that bank?
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Thanks for your answer.
With what I saw, I think woob plugin should be working the same way you described for ofximporter, but is is not ...

In my case I have a single bank defined in woob, this bank hosting a few accounts.

In local woob cli, there are 2 steps for displaying transactions in a specific account
- first you retrieve list of accounts you have in a bank,
- then you retrieve account details

In order to connect to a bank, you need to define a « backend » which is combination of bankname + UserID + Password. you need to do this once for all.

Once this backend is defined and stored in Woob, you can list the summary of accounts in this bank, by simply typing command « list »

Once accounts list is displayed you request details by typing commande « history n » with « n » being the account display rank in the list

I have pasted below an output of the console, with output produced by these 2 commands.
Don’t pay attention to the amounts and label of transactions, they have been changed to improve a little bit my situation 😉

C:\Users\myself>woob bank
Welcome to bank v3.0
Loaded backends: mybank
bank> list
Account Balance Coming
#1 (mybank) Investment Portfolio 1 300,000.00
#2 (mybank) Saving account 200,000.00
#3 (mybank) Cheque account 100,000.00
#4 (mybank) Investment Portfolio 2 400,000.00
Total (EUR) 1,000,000.00

bank> history 2
Date Category Label Amount
--------------------- +------------- +-----------------------------------------+-----------
2023-02-01 VIR EUROMILLION LOTERY +250,000.00
2023-03-01 CARD CHAMPAGNE 4 CELEBRATION -50,000.00

Hint: There are more results available for mybank (use option -n or count command)

As mentioned in my initial post, KMM is capable to retrieve the backend I defined for mybank, but nothing else :

mybank backend is listed and proposed for selection by KMM in the second popup labelled "Select the engine", which comes after protocol "woob/ofximporter" popup.

But when "mybank" backend is selected, comes new popup labelled "Select the account".
This is there that KMM fails, not being able to retrieve the list accounts available via woob cli. Then I can not perform mapping between local account and online account.

So this is not a 0/1 situation , KMM is capable to work with woob, but not completely ...
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Answering to myself, solution found and explained below in case this can help others :

KMM was not able to interact completely with woob module, cf other posts.

After some researchs, I have upgraded my local woob installation from version 3.0 to version 3.4.
Then KMM have been able to connect local account to online accounts !
I have also been able to retrieve last movements from online accounts.

So issue solved for me !


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