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The 3 month release

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The 3 month release

Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:09 pm
I have seen the proposal
and some discussions like on
about the possibility that KDE would release every 3 month.
But for KDE as for the north korean regime, it is easier to find external people that talk about what happen inside rather than to find the official line
Also I am just enquiring if it will happen or not.

I am especially very amazed to discover how the process Implement - test release will be packaged within the 3 month (being given that to me, testing alone should be more than 3 month)

I am also amazed by the defintion of this brilliant idea as quoted on the 2 url:
"Basically the idea is to cut testing time and compensate it by keeping master always in a 'releaseable' state"

Since I always love to learn new things, i am delighted to learn about this notion of "keeping releasable" (please anyone give me a definition)
For me as soon as you implement something in a releasable branch it loses its releasability and you have to test it... (or do you mean always compilable?)

Samething for url 1
making us able to deliver new features faster to our users while keeping if not improving the current quality.

I would really appreciate if someone cann explain be the link between faster and quality. (I am very sorry, but people that already know we, know how retarded I am, hence it is not obvious for me)

Further: if this process can be applied from 6 to 3 month, why not even shorter? I mean what timeframe would be the strict minimum?
Maybe in the future, in order to "always imrpove the curent quality" we could release every day based on the latest git versions that we would always keep releasable as well ?
Look : Proposal:
from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm we implement new features
from 5:30pm to 5:31pm we test the software
from 5:31pm to 6pm we package.

Sounds like a bright future does'n it?
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Re: The 3 month release

Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:01 am
At the moment, a 3 month release plan is not going to be undertaken.
However, a shortening of the release schedule from 6 months to 5 months is going to be experimented with to see if it is workable.

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