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Licensing questions

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Licensing questions

Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:56 pm
Hey there,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I couldn't figure out a better one.
I'm on the payrole of a quite big company, including all the drawbacks when it comes to the freedom of the code I produce (in four words: Everyhting is closed source :-\).
Our applications are mostly C++/Qt (Commercial License) and as of a few weeks ago we were using Jasper for reporting. Because I was fed up with dealing with OCI/ODBC/JDBC/whatever and the bad performance of Jasper I built a small toolset on top of QTextDocument that does everything we need. I did this in my spare time, thus I guess I'm free to decide what license this code is going to have (as soon as it complies with Qt licensing). Now another project in my department is keen on using the toolset. But they have a hard requirement to provide their reports in an editable format, prefereably RTF. (We know that there is ODF support through QTextDocumentWriter, but it doesn't support page footers, which is another hard requirement). I know that there is an export filter for RTF in KWord and I guess that there is a way to stream a QTextDocument to it. As far as I understand the GPL I'm allowed to take and combine anything from KDE sources as long as I clearly state what has been taken from KDE and release the outcome under the GPL? Let's call that the KDE-part. If I release my aforementioned toolset under the (L)GPL I should be able to build a small application (also released under GPL) that wraps the KDE-part and my toolset in a way that it can be called through command line by a closed source application?
The following picture is supposed to clarify what I want to do:
So far so good (?).
Now comes the really tricky part. As my project only has to do reports in PDF I would like to include the toolset code directly (if desired I can explain why, but I don't want to write that much :P) as I can write PDFs with footers with pure Qt. So I want to be able to do something like this:
I suppose that the MIT or simplified BSD should do the trick, but I'm not sure. Could somebody clarify if what I want to do is legit?

Kind regards


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