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Mini laptop

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Mini laptop

Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:15 pm
Because I spend quite some time in trains (about 4 hours a day), I'm thinking of buying a mini laptop, so I can get some work done when I'm travelling. Does anyone have any tips on which to buy (or not)?

These are my requirements:
  • must be small
  • must have Linux (+ preferrably KDE) preinstalled (or Mac)
  • must be fast enough to really get some work done
  • must have enough disk space to carry my CD collection + work related documents
  • must have ethernet, WiFi, bluetooth and rndis support
  • must look pretty

No need to posts replies like Buy laptop X, get rid of Vista and install your favorite distro...
  1. I don't support software vendors who create inferior software
  2. I do support hardware vendors who care enough to install stable and secure software

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RE: Mini laptop

Fri May 08, 2009 12:15 am
i have just ordered a dell mini 9 for myself, and another for my mother.
you can get it from dell with the Ubuntu netbook remix OS. ... l=en&s=dhs
it has both wired and wireless network. i opted for the 32gb solid state. they can have bluetooth, but i took it off to save $20 ;)
and like you said about mac, there are "rumored" HowTos on installing OSX on the device, and it "just works"
even with the OSX installed, its faster than some of the macbooks that guys in my office have.
2.28 lbs = 1.03 kg
9in = 23cm

plus it is between $350 and $400 after the outfitting i did

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