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How can I use window rules to stop Firefox repositioning?

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Firefox when first launched starts being rendered (seems like just the window frame) and then jumps to a new position on the display to then be rendered fully. For me it's disturbing.

What I believe is happening is that upon launch Kwin starts drawing the frame according to its algorithm which I have set to random. Then I believe that Firefox has stored the position where it's last instance was closed and uses that to redraw itself (or ask kwin to do it, I don't know how it works, I'm guessing).

Searching Google, I haven't found a setting for Firefox to disable this behavior. I did find a request simular to mine and some complaints about that behavior going away upon various circumstances.

I've tried all kinds of combinations of window rules unsuccessfully. I can make Firefox always start in a corner or center or maximized or minimized. But I cannot figure out how to get any of several things that seem like they should work. Under window behavior/window rules/size&position tab, it seems like ignore requested geometry would do the trick. I thought if Firefox was asking to be redrawn, I'm telling Kwin not to, then it wouldn't jump to a new spot. Also I thought forcing initial placement to none would work. That way maybe it would just let Firefox draw it wherever it wanted and I'd be getting Firefox's idea of positioning rather than my window manager's but at least it wouldn't jump around.

Does anybody have experience with this or any ideas about what's going on or how to get firefox to draw in one position or how to have Kwin ignore it's request to reposition?

(This is happening on Kubuntu 12.04, SC 4.10.2, Firefox 19, and Nightly 23)

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