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Kwin Scipting in WM console

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Kwin Scipting in WM console

Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:36 pm

I'm trying to learn to make kwin scripts and the tutorial suggests to use the wm console. But I have a few questions about using this console.

- Can you make classes? I tried this simple piece of code but it keeps giving me "SyntaxError: Parse Error"

Code: Select all
class Tile
  constructor(window_id, type)
    this.window_id = window_id;
    this.type = type;

- Whenever I execute a new script, it remembers all the previous ones I've executed before this one and thus it runs all the scripts I have executed until I relog. I like to frequently execute my script to test all the different functions I've created but I don't want to see the output of all the previous scripts. How do I achieve this?

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