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KDialogue rules

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KDialogue rules

Thu Sep 24, 2009 12:09 pm
Hello, and welcome to KDialogue! Here you can ask questions to KDE contributors or vote on your favorite ones. Once started, the dialogue will stay open for 10 days.

When the voting period ends, you'll be able to see the top voted questions answered on the People Behind KDE web page.

To ensure the best and smoothest experience possible, please follow these simple rules:

  • Please post questions only. Comments and discussion should be posted to the appropriate forums instead.
  • When posting a question, make sure you follow the KDE Code of Conduct.
  • One question per post. You may use multiple posts for every question you have.
  • Please respect the contributor's privacy when asking questions.

The staff reserves the right to remove posts that do not comply with these rules.

That is all, have fun with KDialogue!

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