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uninstall issue

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uninstall issue

Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:04 pm
Hi there
I'm a newbie to Krita and had 3.3.1 which had a bug I think- it wouldn't allow the rudimentary windows toolbar so I couldn't add text or geometric shapes (that I know of?)

I decided to uninstall and reinstall it and noticed the version was changed to 3.3.2 which made me feel some of the bugs were sorted.
It seems I'm wrong?

The bin file wouldn't load so I retried, and retried to no avail.
I then decided (it seems stupidly!), to ignore the bin file and carry on installing.

Now I have
1) an old version which did not uninstall and will not uninstall
2) a new version which won't install
3) a Krita (x64) icon on my windows 10 taskbar which does nothing

And no version of Krita to use!
I use windows 10 and it's updated if this helps, on an HP laptop (newish)
Any help and I'd be grateful
All I wanted was to get a working version, with the windows toolbar accessible!
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Re: uninstall issue

Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:08 pm
Try removing any Krita file or folder inside the "Program Files" folder manually. By default you will only find one folder called "Krita (x64)
Then type %localappdata% on Windows Explorer addressbar and delete any file or folder that contains the word "krita" on it's name.
Type %appdata% on Windows Explorer addressbar and repeat the process above.
Delete any shortcuts you can find.
Go to the Control Panell and try to uninstall again. It will probably tell you it's already uninstalled and ask to remove it from the list. Accept it.

Try to install again.
Hope it helps.

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