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Puzzle Games to Bring the Family Together - Train Your Brain

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Puzzle games are some of the best free online games you can find. This is due in part to the fact that they are fun for the whole family. Let’s face it, grandma doesn’t want to help you blast brainless zombies in the face while she’s over at the house for a relaxing Christmas meal. There’s not a chance that your mother wants to see what kind of psycho you are behind the wheel in some racing game. Throw on some long-winded RPG and your uncle is bound to doze off and start mumbling about figgy pudding, brain half-asleep. No one wants that. What we want is a game that everyone can play and enjoy together while they let their food digest. Puzzle games are the answer you seek.

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Snail Bob 4
The first game on this list gets a special shout-out because it’s the fourth game in this long-standing series! This is a great game for kids, as you’ll soon find out. Play with no download and get the littles one right into the snail action.
Snail Bob 4 returns as one of the best puzzle games that you can play for free on your PC. What makes Snail Bob so loveable is his cute design. Honestly, if you’ve ever seen a snail in the garden, you know that they are kind of like living boogers. Nasty, slimy creatures that you don’t implicitly feel like helping. Snail Bob changes all of that with his heartwarming smile and technicolor shell that will have your aunt Dani flashing back to her days at Woodstock. Colors in the game are eye-popping and attractive to even the harshest game critics.

Snail Bob - Classic series of Puzzle games
The objective in Snail Bob 4 is the same as it was in all of its predecessors. Help Bob reach the end of each unique level by pulling switches and moving platforms into place. As you progress through the game and master all of the basic mechanics, you will be challenged with larger terrains to traverse, and more complex puzzles to solve. Snail Bob 4 is sure to be a hit with the whole family! So crack open this game right now and have some fun solving all the new problems that Snail Bob 4 offers.

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Hidden Objects Zoo
For those of you that made quick work of Snail Bob and still need a challenge, I present you with Hidden Objects Zoo, a wonderfully peaceful game for kids and children. This game is perfect for animal lovers of any age. It is a simple, yet entertaining puzzle game that your younger siblings or cousins are sure to get a kick out of. In this game, you are given a beautiful, and incredibly detailed painting of animals in a forest. While the picture itself is fun to look at, there are some things that you might find slightly amiss about the piece. Try to find all of the objects listed at the bottom of the screen in typical, “I Spy” fashion. Just picture the whole family together in the den shouting out different objects they’ve found in the photo. Be honest with yourself, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Find all the objects in this adorable and well-drawn game
This game may not take very long to complete but it’s sure to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. After all, these puzzle games are meant to bring the family together, if only for a few moments before chaos returns.

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Disaster Will Strike 3

This game will look suspiciously familiar to mobile game veterans. A series of pillars and shoddy structures ready to be knocked down by the player. A frothing horde of mean looking NPCs inhabiting said buildings. Physics-based gameplay and dozens of levels await you in this family-friendly puzzle game. While it may look like Angry Birds from afar, the game has many of its own uniue qualities that are sure to surprise even the most experienced puzzle gamer.

Not Angry Birds, really! This is a whole different game
This game is great to play with the whole family because everyone can take a turn trying their own strategy. If uncle Carl’s attempt fails, you can quickly restart the level and give grandpa a go. Even succumbing to the grips of senility, the controls to this cute little flash game should be a breeze. Just select your weapon of choice, pick a spot to unleash your strike, and give it whirl! There’s virtually no punishment for failing the mission. Simply restart and try and a new tactic. Smashing the antagonistic eggs nesting in their precarious palaces is a cause that absolutely any family can unite behind.

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Last Resort
If all else fails, go with some classic puzzle games like Mahjong or Sudoku. More for adults than kids, these games will challenge you. Even grandma and grandpa should be familiar with these classic titles. In fact, they may be the most qualified players at the table! One of the best parts of free online puzzle games is that they replicate the same puzzle games that have existed for years. What was once only playable by physical means, now has a virtual option. Why bother breaking out all those heavy Mahjong tiles and meticulously stacking them when you could just load up a free flash game online and get straight into the fun? Why contribute to the furtherance of deforestation by using sheets of paper to play Sudoku? Do you want the youngest members of your family to live in a world that’s become devoid of trees and only subsists on artificial oxygen production? We didn’t think so.

This is Sudoku, got what it takes to figure out, big-brain?
If you are not familiar with these games, they are simple to learn and even more fun to play. Sudoku is a numbers game that works vaguely like a crossword puzzle. You’ll need to figure out how to fill all the blank spaces with numbers to that each row and column contains the numbers 1-9. Mahjong is an ancient game about removing matching tiles as you whittle away at a pyramid of intricately designed pieces.

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In summation, family gatherings can be hectic and exhausting. Free online puzzle games are a quick and easy way to quell the tension. No download is needed, that’s the magic part. Throw on any of the games on this list or find some of your own, and you’re sure to be the hero that your family deserves, and the one that it needs right now. This holiday season, unwind and create some unforgettable memories with puzzle games for the whole family.

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