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Where is the configuration file to store keyboard shortcuts?

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the above post addresses the problem of not being able to programmatically, i.e. bash - wise , import a custom hotkey scheme.

Example: somebody uses F1 and F12 to enable and disable the touchpad so as to not interfere with typing. (xinput disable 9) So F1 and F12 are essential hotkeys which he cannot live without.

The above post suggests to simply tarball up 9 rc files under ~ und unzip them later for hotkey restoration.

a simpler manual way is to append in bash via

cat my_modifications >> ~/.config/khotkeysrc

whatever it is that you want in there. Ideally one would want sh. like

kcmshell5 khotkeys --caption 'not :'( :'( gonna happen' --args importSCHEME ./automated.khotkeys

but its not possible yet. maybe somebody can trick the dialog to open the schemefile ~/myF12.khotkeys with simulated mouseclicks.

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