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Best graphics card for KDE?

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Best graphics card for KDE?

Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:31 am
Hey all.

I dual boot with Windows and Kubuntu. Whilst my graphics card is brilliant for gaming, it causes a huge amount of headaches with Linux, and KDE in particular seems to suffer.

I get constant crashes, segfaults, problems I cant really fix. Eventually the whole thing falls over in a heap, thanks to NVIDAs graphics binaries. The open source drivers are more or less useless, as they can just about only manage a 600x800 resolution on a monitor designed for 1600x1800...

So I'm interested to hear of anyone here that knows enough to lecture me on what card I can buy that will offer me the best possible performance for gaming, whilst playing nice with my favourite DE.SHAREit Appvn

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