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Baloo may need a time-out and a notification of issues

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Some days ago, I found that Baloo was not indexing all my files. As a consequence, timeline:/ views in Dolphin were not work properly either. I mean, its views were not updating as they should.

Searching online I found that erasing Baloo's database in ~/.local/Baloo could solve the problem. It did to a point. After logging out and logging in again, Baloo was reindexing everything from scratch and the timeline:/ views were working again… yet that solution lasted only one day, because the next day, the today:/ views were not up-to-date again.

This morning I had a few free hours, so I decided to roll up my sleeves and try to find out what was going on. I created a second user in my computer and tested whether Baloo indexed a couple of dummy files correctly. It did. That meant the problem was in my home folder.

So I moved all the files in my home folder to my backup disk, cleaned up Baloo's database in my account, logged out, logged in again, and began moving folder after folder back to my home while checking how Baloo was indexing each move with balooctl status in a terminal.

After some minutes, I found there was one folder which was stopping the indexing: it had a group of PDF files.

So I began checking each file until I found there were three corrupted PDF files in that folder.

Bingo! After I erased those three corrupted files, everything continued smoothly until the end.

So well, if a corrupted PDF file stopped Baloo from indexing the rest of the disk, I believe Baloo needs to be able to time-out (I mean, stop trying to index the corrupted file and just move on to the next one) and notify the problem, so both the indexing can continue, and the user can be notified about the problematic file or files so he can check them in person.

I am posting this here both to help any other user who may run into this issue and to give this suggestion to the developers.

Best. :)

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