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Program icons changing in task manager

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There are a few icons that have been changing in the task manager widget. In the widget, I have right-clicked a few icons and selected "show a launcher when not running." Some will change depending on if the program is open or closed. It is most noticeable with Dolphin. This behavior occurs in both the task manager widget and the icons-only task manager. See this screenshot

Additional info:
I am using the Linux Mint Mint-X icon set. After switching to these icons, I noticed some programs no longer have icons in the Application Launcher, and I believe this is at the root of the issue. Programs missing icons are Kate, Dolphin, Kcalc, Konsole. So maybe programs in the KDE suite are affected? However, the Konqueor icon is fine, so perhaps not?

So what I did from there is manually edit the icons of those programs with the KDE menu editor. Now the interesting thing here is that Konsole shows the same icon regardless if open or closed, however the Dolphin icon changes. I manually edited the icons of both programs.

Any ideas? For reference, the system is Debian 9.1 with Plasma 5.8.6

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