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"When power button pressed" event not working

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Hello KDE community,

I'm having an issue with the Power Management settings of my KDE neon installation: the power button has no action at all when pressing it.

My Power Management settings:

What I know:
  • The button is not broken. If I assign the shortcut sleep to the button, pressing it puts the system to sleep.
  • PowerDevil is working. If I set the "when lid closed" action to "lock screen", my screen is indeed locked after closing the lid.
  • The only setting not working is the power button behavior.
  • It doesn't work no matter which option I select "sleep, hibernate, ...".

What I tried:
  • Playing with the different options to see if it fixes anything -> Nope.
  • Assigning a shortcut to the power button. It works but doesn't reproduce the behavior that I want.
  • Executing `systemd-inhibit --list` to see if anything looks odd. It doesn't to me :
    Code: Select all
         Who: UPower (UID 0/root, PID 1074/upowerd)
        What: sleep
         Why: Pause device polling
        Mode: delay

         Who: ModemManager (UID 0/root, PID 884/ModemManager)
        What: sleep
         Why: ModemManager needs to reset devices
        Mode: delay

         Who: PowerDevil (UID 1000/antoine, PID 16901/org_kde_powerde)
        What: handle-power-key:handle-suspend-key:handle-hibernate-key:handle-lid-switch
         Why: KDE handles power events
        Mode: block

         Who: NetworkManager (UID 0/root, PID 900/NetworkManager)
        What: sleep
         Why: NetworkManager needs to turn off networks
        Mode: delay

         Who: Screen Locker (UID 1000/antoine, PID 16741/ksmserver)
        What: sleep
         Why: Ensuring that the screen gets locked before going to sleep
        Mode: delay

My system info:
- KDE neon 5.18 user edition
- KDE Plasma 5.18.3
- KDE Framework 5.67.0
- Qt 5.14.1
- Kernel 5.3.0-40-generic

Note: I don't have a long experience with Linux, an even shorter one with KDE and none with asking for help on forums.
So, feel free to request any additional information.

Thanks for your help!

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