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Compilation help needed (Kmldonkey) [SOLVED].

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Hi! :)

I was trying to compile Kmldonkey here. A repository version is present and fully functional, but it's ~9yo. so I tried to be a bit more up to date.

According to this page: I downloaded the repository locally and then......I failed to compile it! ^-^

Since there isn't any documentation present, I tried searching the web, which revealed some instructions, but there were from the KDE 3 era (and obviously not applicable).
So I have to ask.
Does someone knows how to compile it on a modern Linux? ???

TIA! 8)


These are the correct commands sequence:
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svn co svn://
cd kmldonkey
cmake CMakeLists.txt -Wno-dev
make install (as root)

This way you'll get v.2.1.5.

MANY THANKS to Christoph Feck!!! 8)

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