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Ned help with NDISwrapper, wireless and KDE

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to begin with, im using Ubuntu.

I managed to get my system to detect my wireless using NDISwrapper and NDISgtk on GNOME and XFCE (totally no luck on KDE), But i was not satisfied with a GUI frontend: a GUI frontend can break anytime when you least expect it, so i tried from the command line.

I installed Ndiswrapper 1.9 from Synaptic, (Adept in KDE) including ndiswrappers-utils 1.9 and ndiswrapper-common. (leaving out NDISgtk this time)

then i did the following:


cd Desktop

because i had the drivers on the desktop for easier management, followed by


sudo ndiswrapper -i .ini
ndiswrapper -l
sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

GNOME, KDE and XFCE worked up to this point, where the device fired up and started to 'see' wireless networks.

From here, GNOME and XFCE just ran away with it by themselves: i just selected the network, keyed in the WEp and i was up.

in KDE, after selecting the network, KDE did not manage to connect, even after repeated prompts for my WEP key. I went into manual config, chinged the system to dhcp, entered in my ESSID and WEP key as hex and hit 'ok', but the system just refused to accept the change: 'dhcp' was immediately unselected, the ESSID and WEP key remained black, and Hex was changed back to ACSI.

I tried to run

sudo iwconfig wlan0 ESSID
sudo iwconfig wlan0 Managed
sudo iwconfig wlan0 key RESTRICTED

(the codes may be wrong because im currently remembering them off the top of my head now that im back in GNOME)

but with little effect. Lastly,


sudo dhclient wlan0

only threw up a lost package that failed to ping.

Someone help me out please? Any assistance will be most appreciated.

EDIT: This is not the first time i had problems with KDE: it was the same story with Fedora Core some 4 years ago.
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In KDE, what tool are you using to attempt this process ( right clicking on its tray icon, and going about should tell you ) Please include its version too please. I am suspecting that this tool is somehow incompatible with your setup, and is therefore unable to connect itself, and prevents you from using iwconfig and dhclient to connect manually, by its persistence to connect.

Have you tried connecting using iwconfig + dhclient with this application closed? Also, are you using the same user to run KDE, as GNOME and XFCE? is you are not, check to make sure this user has the appropriate permissions ( same groups as your GNOME / XFCE user for instance )

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if you ran :
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# iwlist scan

Do you find your access point?

If you do, set the access point with command "iwconfig ap , for example if I would set up my interface named "wlan0" to use access point in address "46:CF:D7:E0:86:90", I would type:
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iwconfig wlan0 ap 46:CF:D7:E0:86:90

After this, run dhclient again.

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