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How to easily switch profile from audio jack to HDMI

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Please feel free to move my thread to the appropriate section if this is not the one.

I would like to know if I'm missing something when I'm trying to switch audio from headphones to HDMI. I feel like the method I am using is overly cumbersome.

Basically I am listening audio through my headphones (audio jack), and I plug the HDMI cable to my television. To switch the audio, I have to go through open System Settings -> Multimedia -> Audio and Video -> Under Audio Hardware Setup -> Change profile from Analog Stereo Output to Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output.

I thought that when plasma 5.10 was released that I could easily switch through the audio volume applet ( but I don't have the option between Analog Stereo to Digital Stereo.

It is only when the profile is changed through System Settings that HDMI is listed in the audio volume applet under playback devices. But then, Analog Stereo is not listed.

Tell me if there is anything I am missing (packages, updates?). I am currently on openSUSE tumbleweed, kernel 4.13.5, plasma 5.11.0.

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