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Feature Request - UI

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Feature Request - UI

Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:05 pm

I don't know if you've gotten a lot of feedback on the new UI (I've seen only one post in the forums) but I'd like to put in a request for the old interface to be brought back as an option.

Having the grouping stay in sync with your position on the left-hand window was great. Like a co-worker that knows what you want and supplies it. The current interface to me feels more like the new guy you have to keep reminding how do the job.

Not sure that this explains it adequately but I miss having the quick visual cues and it feels as though there's less information being presented. The visual overview of many titles in the lower panel is worth more than a single entry for me.

Anyway, my two cents (another thing that has never been adjusted for inflation).

In any case, thanks for a great piece of software,


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