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Changed Tellico 3.1.2 Search Behaviour?

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Again, this is not a functionality problem, just an unfamiliar behaviour on my part (not sure if it's the intention of the developers).
System and Software:
- Tellico 3.1.2 (current Ubuntu repo version)
- Ubuntu 18.04 running on GNOME 3.28.1

Reproducing the Behaviour:
1. Open a Tellico database (Mine is a book collection if one needs to know).
2. Click "Search the Internet" or Ctrl+I -> Get Internet search pop-up.
3. Type in an ISBN (or many ISBNs via Multiple ISBN search window).
4. Search with any source (Say... Google, first).
5. Without pressing "Clear" button, change to another data source (Say... to Open Library). Then press search again. -> See that the program first clears the existing result before new results appear.
Note 1: Please search by an ISBN that yield results in at least the first data source.
Note 2: This behaviour is different from previous version of Tellico that I used (2.3.9, the Ubuntu 16.04 repo version) in which the results keep piling up in the search window (So that I can compare results from different sources before adding an entry to my collection).
Note 3: This might not be a bug, but I'd love to have an option to switch the search behaviour back to the familiar one.

Please help!

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