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BrainDump maintainance and save as or export function

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As a short history, I use Calligra exclusively, if I have to interact with a Microsoft product I export through L.O.
I also have been a very strong advocate of KDE software and have written many "how tos" at the Kubuntu Forums and have written an advocacy article at LinuxFoirums for, formerly KOffice, now Calligra discussing the ergonomic design of the layout etc. which has had some small number of views.

Concerning Braindump.

I have not used it much because of a lack of need, but did do a write up at the Kubuntu forums and was informed in a reply post that Braindump is not being maintained.

Well, I now have a need for Braindump in that I have, due to circumstances, been given some "time" at the college whereat I teach to develop my teaching techniques and have given a presentation thereupon at a national forum and will be so doing at least twice again in the near future.

So, to expedite things in terms of "thinking", I planned to use a "whiteboard" in my office and also Braindump, thinking that I could "save" previous iterations of what was being done "on the whiteboard" so that I could go back to previous configurations of the information and also send off the information to colleagues, which would, perforce, spread the word about Linux office software in general and Calligra ,etc. in particular.

I was pleased to see that, Braindump, really is, "just about as complete" as one needs to do this kind of "blue sky thinking".

One can add objects, add images, add text, draw relationship lines, etc. all functions seem to be there, and I "went to town" translating what was "on the wall" into Braindump, with relational lines etc.

Except for.... there is no export or save function.

Yes, there is a "file/quit" function which, when invoked, closes Braindump and the when Braindump is next opened the original materials are all on the whiteboard.

However, one cannot open a "new" Braindump alongside the original so as to have two versions of the work.

There is a "select' function which "selects" the items on the whiteboard, but the copy function does not seem to work because one cannot paste into another part of the suite such as Koffice or Karbon.

I have screenshots of things like objects and an image along with relational lines that show the whole of the items being selected if anyone would like to see one.

So, the question is:

It would seem that the amount of "coding" left to do on Braindump in terms of making it fully functional, such as a "save as" or an "export" or a "copy"(that works), would be a minimal investment to have a finished product.

However, not being a coder I really have no way of knowing.

So, could I have pertinent comments as to whether Braindump really is not being maintained, and/or whether the "save as" or "export" or "copy" functions are anywhere in the stream to be enabled?

I would also, at this time, like to compliment ALL of the developers, etc. of the Calligra/KDE applications on their wonderful work.

I remain,
sincerely yours,

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