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Obtaining a good, complete copy of Calligra

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I'm fairly new to Linux and looking for a newbie explanation for how to get a clean, stable, complete version of Calligra.

I'm running Mint KDE and downloaded Calligra from the default software repository (Ubuntu). I've encountered numerous problems with the package and the Calligra web site lists the Ubuntu package as unstable. My experience so far:

* There is little or no documentation. The documentation that appears for Words is the KWord manual and I was advised that is a problem with Mint. Several other applications have no documentation at all. Braindump just points to the web site where the application is listed.

* Words and Author don't link text frames (a key feature in Kword that appear to have not been maintained).

* Braindump was described by a poster in January as having all of its features functioning. Virtually nothing in the package works for me, at least trying intuitive actions since there is no documentation. I can create and delete only a single text frame but cannot put text in it. I can create a picture frame and put a picture in it. I cannot link any two objects in the workspace. There is a single line space where text can be entered, the only place in the application that will accept text, and I'm just guessing that it is to enter a title of some kind. Nothing else in the application seems to function in any useful way.

I was hoping to install a known good and complete Calligra suite. I went to the Calligra web site's download page and there is no such package available there. It refers you to the distros' default repositories, half of which are known to have unstable packages. So what's the story? Is there somewhere a complete, stable, working suite with documentation? Other people are obviously using the software, and with success except for esoteric problems that appear on this forum.
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A copy of KDE documentation can be viewed online at

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