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How to really lock some elements in Calligra Flow

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I like Calligra Flow -- it's terribly nice! But unluckily I'm having two problems. Just for going into steps...

When I'm composing a diagram of an electronic circuit in which I need to place a particular kind of element inside it, the standard NMOS symbol that is inside de 'Circuit' bundle of Calligra Flow stencils, and then I need to connect one of the terminals with a 'wire' (just creating a track from it) the wire is in fact merged with an element of the former symbol, and then I cannot move the former symbol itself to a new place and the properties of the additional wire are applied to a part of the symbol (for instance, the line width), so although I really wished to place a symbol on one side and a wire on the other they finally are converted into something else. I find it a strange undesired behaviour that I thought I could govern with the locker symbold in the document structure tree, but it makes nothing either. Perhaps I'm missunderstanding something, but...

The other thing is is a subtle issue, and concerns to the exporting into PNG process -- it does not work at least for me (I'm using Kubuntu amd64) from within Calligra Flow. I have to save first the file and then open it with Karbon, and then I can export it into PNG from there.

Thanks in advance and greetings.


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