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Calligra Tutorials

Tue Oct 14, 2014 2:50 pm
After MSOffice, OpenOffice and LibreOffice, now Calligra!

That at least is my idea. But compared with the older ones, Calligra has some rather big changes. Are there printed Books for Calligra on the market' Preferably in German, but English would do. I use the internal help (german version) but it seems to be not complete.

I do have just now an important question:
As I do now download my monthly bank statement, I have no problem in opening the download directly into Sheets. It seems, there is around the 15th on a month an standard error, in as much as all transactions on the 15th of each month are packed into 1 line and only the amout of the last transaction is carried into the expense column. However, I can easily copy the whole content and then type the 5 to 8 transactions by hand at the end of the fils. How do I now manage, that the Expenses, Income will also be changed in the last, the balance column?

Secondly, I am used to write 2'588.50 and not 2588.50 or even 2,588.50. Of course the set up is for the UK, so I get automatically 2588.50. In the general linguistic set-up of my Kubuntu I have it correct, but Sheet does not use it. I have searched but there was no solution. In LibreOffice I could set this up directly in the formating for each file, regardless of the Regionalisation.

This are the first steps, I have to do all monthly statements starting May this year and will certainly run into more of them. Luckily the job is not under time stress.

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