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[Words] How to put two pages together, and how to anchor

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I'm new to Calligra Words, although I'm not a great word processors user. So far I'm likeing it, seems it still needs some work, but it's getting much better then the 2.x versions I used a couple of years ago and where even reading the text was disagreeable...

Well, as a novice user I'm not really sure if some of the missing features that are common in other word processors are really mising or they just aren't where I have looked into. For example: how can I see two pages together one beside the other? In the menu "View", where I think such option would fit well, there are zoom controls but only affect to a single page view. Is this feature in other place or it just doesn't exist? Searching a little to see if my doubt had been solved befor I saw this post, but it dates from 2012. Have things improved or it's just a missing feature?

Another one: how can I define to which paragraph anchor an image? When I insert one, it's freely placed, and I can place and resize as I want, great; but then I want that image anchored to a paragraph so if the paragraph moves into the page, or to another page, the image moves with it. Right clicking and choosing "Shape properties" opens a menu to choose anchorage settings, but once I choose "Floating but anchored to a paragraph", or any other option, I accept, and then I'm presented back the pop up menu that offers "Shape properties"; if I ignore it and click outside to make it disappear, nothing has changed, the image keeps "free" and if I hit carriage return so the paragraph is moved down, the image doesn't move and makes the text wrap around it so it destroys all the page layout.
Having to adjust everithing by hand is truly a pain in the butt. Is this a missing feature too or am I missing something?

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