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Suggestion: a Finger Friendly vertical menu as DEs have

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I still use Libre Office, and wait for Calligra look and feel to improve.

The dock space is what I do not like, it should be optional and at least be able to hide.

My suggestion is to make an, optional at first, vertical menu as a dock, with icons (ideograms) plus text, with option to "only icons"

Then once you click with your mouse or finger this icon a 3x3 matrix icon with one EXIT or BACK and the other 8 actions as the LibreOffice menu ones, plus the contextual menu they open, even other extra 3x3 matrix if needed, also finger friendly and also virtual keyboard friendly.

Adding to this menu send as PDF (sending an OASIS embedded PDF, that you can edit to an email - or messaging apps - receiver with a "CalligraPDF" prefix in the about field to promote the app), will be great.

Also, if it is done, make plasma mobile, Ubuntu Phone, Sailfish, and Android versions, and if you can add the use of voice to text (from google or any other one that works) I am sure the use of Calligra will spread as nobody put finger friendly icon (ideograms) menus on mobile (and desktop) apps even desktop environments are doing it long time ago because it is easier to use.

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