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Interlingua translation no more available

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it seems that the packages for the translation in interlingua are no more available since a long time.
As I was used to translate packages under the trunk kde branch, please let me know what went wrong and what I have to do to make the translation packages in interlingua available again (by the way at the moment the calligra suite has a 37% translation , with Krita at 33% but words at 96%).
Thank you
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Hi Sora
I really very appreciate your interlingua translations for KDE! I find terrible, that nobody did answer to your resquest until now. Is KDE definitively dead?
Calligra / Koffice are for me the esperance of an office coming completely from the really since beginning free branch of software design and developpement! And I like the conception.
It would be the worest to see, that the free world renounces to help his oldest contributors...
I am certain that more people know and understand, that the free offices are not really popular. Star Office was a commercial fiasco at beginning time. It is the only one reason why it did become free!
Koffice was always free as far I know.
It is a big difference!
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How about addressing the KDE translators mailing list with this issue? The forum is not exactly the best place for this.

FWIW: by our guidelines, a language needs to be over 70% to be included in the released translation packages, so 37% is way below that threshold.

@trescryptique: no KDE is a community of many people, we are still very alive :-) How on earth do you jump to such conclusions? If a question is not answered in due time, maybe it was just addressed to the wrong place, which definitely is the case here... Answering forum entries is a volunteer effort, maybe nobody had time to do so, that is by far the best explanation: we are not dead, just very, very busy :-)

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FWIW: it is always useful to state the exact Plasma version and distribution when asking questions in this forum, makes it easier for us to help ...

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