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Main page for Karbon is misleading and unethical

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I swear, it's the second time today I'm expressing this sentiment. Several hours ago, I found an illustration program called "Vectr" and noticed the screen snapshots contained the "Ghostscript Tiger". Of course, Vectr was intentionally giving the impression that the beautiful artwork was drawn with Vectr. Nothing else on the page gave any clarification as to the true origin of the artwork. I was compelled to download the free program (via the Mac App Store) just so I could raise this point, because there's no way it was accidental.

Sadly, I feel the same way about the featured screen snapshot of Karbon. Front and center, bigger than the others, there's Mr. Ghostscript Tiger… misleading people who have logically assumed that the illustration was drawn using Karbon. Double-negative alert: I am not saying that such artwork cannot be created with Karbon. But I think it isn't right, ethically, to make people think something that isn't true—even if the purpose is to get them to use free computer software. Please change that screen snapshot. Thanks.
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It only shows that karbon can load one of the default vector test images... Calling that unethical is a bit over the top.

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