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Windows Portable Version of Calligra

Stephen Leibowitz
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I have written a batch file to run Calligra from portable storage (a removable drive). It makes portable the AppData\Local and AppData\Roaming folders. To increase the separation from the code, the user can specify a location for the AppData folders that is outside the Calligra program folder. The batch file has comments about this. The batch file should be on the same drive as Calligra, but does not have to be in the same folder.
Code: Select all
cd /d  %~d0\Calligra_64
:: This will set USERPROFILE to the Calligra folder.
:: The program uses this as the parent for AppData\Local
:: and AppData\Roaming folders.
:: An alternative is to set USERPROFILE to a folder on the same drive,
:: but outside of the Calligra folder.
::  /WAIT does not work for calligragemini.exe
START "Calligra Gemini" /WAIT /D bin  calligragemini.exe
@Echo Answer the question after exiting Calligra.
@set /P Answer=End dbus-daemon process (Y/N)?
@IF /I %Answer%==y  Taskkill /im dbus-daemon.exe /f /t
Timeout /T 10

The Calligra program comes in two formats: installer (.exe) and archive (.7z). You should download the 7z archive format and extract to a folder of your choice.

Calligra.exe (from calligra-master-563-windows-msvc2017_64-cl.7z) does not run on my Windows 7 PC, even when invoked directly without the batch file. Windows DebugView was not helpful. But I also tested three other exe files in the bin folder, corresponding to Calligra Gemini, Words, and Stage. They ran successfully. The batch file can be customized for those files by changing the START command.

It is straightforward to work on documents stored on the same drive as Calligra or on other local drives. It is also possible to use the Windows Map network drive facility to make other documents accessible. Calligra Gemini has the Open from the Cloud facility for the Dropbox, WebDav, and Git file hosting services. Hopefully, this cloud facility will be implemented in Calligra.exe. Also, it would be good for the list of services to be increased. LibreOffice has additional services, such as Google Drive.

I have written a batch file to run Kexi from portable storage. It is at Windows Portable Version of Kexi.

I have written a batch file to run Krita from portable storage. It is at viewtopic.php?f=139&t=142371#p416324

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