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A quick test for beta 4

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A quick test for beta 4

Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:41 pm
Overall impression: I cannot remember a beta release for any software so stable as this beta 4 is, amazing!

For Krita, well, IMPRESSIVE is the only word I can think of.

I'm very pleased with Karbon14. It is shaping really well. Every SVG file I tried was opened without problems which is a really good thing. I had some trouble with odg files, though... I'll investigate a bit more.
It seems that Karbon14 can only handle single page documents, is that right?

Flow is a really nice app, with tones of predefined shapes and a very powerful but easy to use interface. Only problem I can see is that with some shapes the connectors seems to be below the handlers so unless you use a good zoom it is difficult to "connect your wires".

Stage is really nice too. It is not so powerful as Impress (or PP)... but who cares? I hate those multimedia presentations anyway ;)

I do not use databases nor spreadsheets so I cannot talk about Kexi nor Tables, but I just realized that Tables do not only have 2^20 rows, it also have 2^15 columns! That's a lot more that the 1024 columns in Calc... Wow!

Words... this is more difficult to talk about. I can see a really big potential on this app. The UI have really good concepts and the whole thing have a really brilliant future.
It is nice to see another app supporting page styles (even if you need to work a bit to understand how to define them). I like that the numbering can be defined directly on each paragraph style, too.
I was not able to find how to define character styles, though, even if (it seems) is quite easy to apply them.
To test Words to the extreme, I tried to open a 300 Writer document that use several page styles, with a TOC of 8 pages, lots of paragraph and character styles, cross references... Writer opens it on 10 seconds: on Words after 10 minutes I was not able to scroll to page 10, so I simply closed it.
Also, numeric variables generated on Writer (like the ones you have on captions) will not load on Words. Because I cannot see how to define those variables on Words I think that it is quite reasonable they do not work on the imported document ;)
Beside that, odg documents seems to open quite well.
It seems that you can define language only at app level, not at document level. I think multilingual documents with different paragraph styles on different languages will be a problem.
There are other features that I need for my documents that are not present on Words (to associate a paragraph style with a page break with change of page style, for example) but I understand that you need to go one step at a time before you start to run: I'm sure those features will arrive in due time.
So... I cannot use Calligra Words 2.4 and probably I will not be able to use 2.5 either, but I'm confident that Calligra team in in the right path and will arrive the time when Words became an amazing word processor, in the same way Krita is an amazing painting program right now.

Calligra team, you are amazing!!

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Re: A quick test for beta 4

Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:24 pm
Thanks for your test. In case you find bugs and other stuff, please report that to the bugtracker e.g. the Words team could be interested in the odt that was loading so slow.

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