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Parley support ...

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Parley support ...

Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:20 pm
I am a little lost and wonder if anyone can please point me in the right direction ...

If you download a collection and decide that you do not want it how do you remove it? The method seems to be click on the download collection again, find the item in the list and then click Uninstall next to the same collection but that does not seem to work. (there is no Apply button)

I see that three languages may be shown on the same screen (from the graphic on the website home page).
How is this done? The user manual misses this. For example I would like to have three columns - English language, romanised Thai and Thai language characters. How do I set that up?

I cannot find hidden any settings / configuration file for this application .. where may that be found?

(ubuntu 12.04, unity desktop)
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Re: Parley support ...

Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:26 am
As for removing collections - you may find the easiest way is to navigate to ~/.kde4/share/apps/parley or ~/.kde/share/apps/parley and locate the offending directories/files and delete them. That should cause the collections to disappear from Parley.

The uninstall action - like the install action - should have immediate effect however.

Not sure how to setup a Parley quiz though...

KDE Sysadmin

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