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Kalgebra Wiki Page regarding Probabilities

KDE Developer

Now, I understand the maths behind the stuff on their own, as a concept outside of the program, but the Wiki confuses me.
There are sections of text output, or possibly "reports" and I don't now how the author(s) arrived at them

The probability to get each number is on the left

1 16.667%
2 16.667%
3 16.667%
4 16.667%
5 16.667%
6 16.667%

Yes, that's the chance and all that, but what does this have to do with Kalgebra? How do I get this output?

Even worse:

When we launch 2 dices probabilities change, so we report them:

2 2.778%

We report them?
Do we, now?
Do we really report them?

I must be out of the loop then. I must not have gotten the memo that this statement can be presented so nonchalantly, yet I have no idea how "we" report anything here.

**** me off. Am I missing something? It's not the maths, I know that kinda stuff. I just wanna look into Kalgebra and how to use it. I could write a script or a program and have such things solved, that's not the problem I am having.

The problem is not knowing WTF is going on.

Can anyone clarify?

About "reporting" and all this nonsense?

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