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Newbie needs help

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Newbie needs help

Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:31 pm
I've posted this on the Ubuntu forums and have no proper answer yet. Thought I'd try it here. Many thanks all.

Hello all. I'm back trying linux again. I'm having problems with Kstars and would like to know the proper place to post questions or if there is a forum just for the Kstars program. I can't find much info on the net. If I remember right it worked in Ubuntu 8 but I've upgraded to the latest and some options in Kstars are not working now. In a nutshell, some of the problems are:

1: Help not working. I get....Could not Launch the KDE help center: Could not find service 'khelpcenter'

2: In telescope wizard, there is no list of telescopes.

3: I cant save my telescope information under properties.

As I'm just learning this stuff, it could be a bug but not sure, so please point me in the right direction for help.

I'm running dual boot on a HP laptop. Windows XP and Ubuntu. I have reformatted the drive and installed everything new for a clean slate.
Many thanks all
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Re: Newbie needs help

Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:31 pm
This is the proper place to post re: kstars - but please change your thread name to something meaningful and inc. "kstars" and telescopes so people will know

1) it should be package khelpcenter4 ... ection=all, is it installed? don't use K so can't help any further

2) you could try the mailing list

OpenSuse Leap 42.1 x64, Plasma 5.x

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