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Personal icons; where are they saved?

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I sometimes use my own icons for bank accounts, cards or just bookmarks, to visually identify them easily. But then if I change my mind and find a better image, I do need to save it with a different name, because even if I go again through the process of change icon (for bookmarks, for example, right-click on the bookmark -> change icon -> other icons -> browse) Skrooge will use always the first one I used with that name. Is there any way to refresh it? to make Skrooge forget I once used an icon with that name but the new one is that, a new one? I tried to remove my user's cache folder, but it didn't work.

Not that a big deal, but it is annoying to have a folder with accountX-icon1.png, accountX-icon2.png ... accountX-iconN.png (the greater N is, the more I change my mind ;D )


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