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Budget Rules

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Budget Rules

Sun Jan 19, 2020 4:55 pm
Budget Rules:
As I've been using Skrooge more and more, one of the areas that I've taken a deep dive into is the budget rules. I have been using YNAB for quite some time and have become very accustomed to how they handle "moving money". Basically if you spend more than your budget in one category that month, you NEED to cover that by spending less somewhere else. YNAB's functionality basically allows you to "move money" from one category to another. Skrooge essentially does this; however, there's one "flaw" from what I've experienced.

June Budget = Food: $100, Fun: $50, Total: $150
June Actual = Food: $125, Fun: $10, Total: $135
June Delta = Food: -$25, Fun: +$40, Total: +$15

I can setup a budget rule that says "Any delta in Food needs to change the Fun budget". The result of this rule is this:
Corrected budget = Food: $125, Fun: $25
What would make sense to me is that the FOOD budget should also be corrected to reflect that money was moved from Fun to cover the overspend.

Thoughts on this??
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Re: Budget Rules

Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:46 am

If you have a rule "Any delta in Food needs to change the Fun budget", then you should see:
Budget = Food: $100, Fun: $50, Total: $150
Actual = Food: $125, Fun: $10, Total: $135
Delta = Food: -$25, Fun: +$40, Total: +$15
Corrected budget = Food: $100, Fun: $25
Delta after rules = Food: $0, Fun: +$15

Here is an example:

The benefit of this way of working is that, you can transfer budgets from one category to another one in the same period.
But, you can choose to transfer budgets from a category to the same one but in the next period.
Of course, rules are applyed in the specified order and recursively.

It's also important to have a king of "garbage" budget (means without category defined) to collect all expenditure not collected by another budget.
By this way, you are sure that you won't miss something.

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