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[IDEA] Improve readability for units

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when you are operating with units (shares, stocks, fund participation) in the 'shares' mode, the field to set the unit is width-fixed. That's ok for currencies, but when you are operating with assets you need to create an 'unit' and probably you will need to use acronyms to identify them. And then the fixed width of this field is a problem, as it makes almost impossible to find the right unit.


There are two possible (I hope small) fixes for this: make the field width dynamic or simply increase it. How much would it need to be increased? I don't know, I can tell my experience: for stocks it is easy, most of the markets use 4 chars symbol, but for funds, there is no rule, so I (and it's a personal choice, I know), use a 3-chars acronym for the broker and 4 for the fund, so it's 8-chars symbol (including a '.').


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