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[BUG] Huge percentage increase/decrease

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Sometimes I've seen that Skrooge sees a 0.00 as something slightly over or under 0, probably due to rounding issues because of currency change. It has not been a big deal until now, but today I saw this on the 'Accounts (Full)' widget:


Clearly when Skrooge calculate the variation from 0, it says 'infinite' and that's all. But what happens if the variation is almost 0, very close to 0, but not 0? That you get variations of millions percent, even for small absolute variations (under 10€ and 15€ respectively in this case).

Solution for this? I think Skrooge should make rounding, but not only when displaying the figures but also storing the data. Maybe that could be done in combination of adding to the accounts a property for the number of decimal positions, in the same way it does with the units, so the rounding would be done to that number of decimals.

And also, a very minor comment, but a variation from 0 to 0 should be 0 and not infinite.


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