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How to account correctly investments in Income&Expenditure?

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Hello again,

Lately I am trying more the reports and different widgets that Skrooge offers. I admit, to start with, that I am not at all an expert on them, so I can be very easily making mistakes or wrong assumptions (like here

But the point is that I am trying to fully understand the income vs expenditures calculations. When using widgets or reports, there are options to (un)select 'grouped', 'transfers', 'tracked' and 'On suboperations' (widgets) and 'income', 'expenses', 'grouped', 'transfers' and 'tracked' (reports). Not sure about the point of all these options, but I will focus on 'transfers'. To me it is obvious I don't want to count them in my Income vs Expenses reports. I don't mind if I am transferring from my current account to the credit card, the point is that I am not spending it, except that sometimes I would like to treat them as expenses ...

Some use cases:
- Loan payments in regards of global wealth. This is usually a combinations of one of more expenses (interests + fees) and a transfer (principal to the debt account). To watch my wealth over the time, of course I do not want to account the transfer part, of course I used the money, but my debt is lower now, so no, the transfer is out of the calculation.

- Loan payments in regards of budget. But what if what I want to watch is my monthly budget? Then I would need to take into consideration the full loan repayment, not only the interest and fees. So I would need to include the transfers. But the side effect will be that all transfers will be included, as for example when I withdraw money from an ATM. How to limit this to only 'loan' (or other 'interesting') transfers?

- Pension plan contributions: similar case than loans. For wealth point of view, the transfers should be out of the chart, but for budget, should be included. Again, how to select only the 'relevant' transfers?

- Investments and Disinvestments. This is an interesting case. I always understood 'shares' sales and purchases in Skrooge as a combination of taxes + fees (expense) and a transfer between a monetary account and an assets account. But Skrooge is not considering it as a transfer in regard of the Income & Expenditure calculations. This means that if you buy 1000€ worth shares Skrooge calculates 1000€ for income (the equivalent to 1000€ going into the assets account) and 1000€ for expenses (the 1000€ paid), or vice versa for a sale. The net result doesn't change, but the Income vs Expenditure chart is distorted (imagine you have a salary of 1000€ and an average expenditure of 900€, but one month you get crazy and buy and sell 200 times 100€ worth shares, the Income vs Expenditure that month will be 21000€ for Income and 20900€ for Expenses :o ). So even if you leave transfer out of the Income vs Expenditure reports/widgets, this specific kind of transfers are anyway included, again, distorting the calculation and representation of your reality.

So, to conclude, I don't really know how to handle this and would appreciate any idea.


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