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How to ... transfer shares between accounts?

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Let's imagine the scenario:

- I have 10 shares of company X deposited in my assets account with bank A
- Bank A is charging me with big fees, and I found a better bank to deposit my shares, bank B
- So I transfer my 10 shares of X from bank A to bank B in real life
- Now I want to do likewise in Skrooge ... how?

What I tried:

- I already had an assets account named 'Bank A'. Base currency EUR
- I created a new identical accounts named 'Bank B'.

Attempt 1. I performed a transfer of 10 X from 'Bank A' to 'Bank B' -> doesn't work, because Skrooge consideres that currency X is not matching EUR so it exchange the 10 X with the EUR value. Now I have 0 shares of X, but I have the EUR

Attempt 2. From new account 'Bank B' I set a purchase of 10 shares of X using as pay account 'Bank A', and pay currency 'X'. Didn't work. As 'Bank A' account is based in EUR, Skrooge change '10 X' with its value in EUR. Now I have 20 shares of X and less EUR.

Attempt 3. From account 'Bank A' I sold the 10 shares of X to a virtual account for it value in EUR. Immediately , from 'Bank B' I buy 10 shares of X paying from the virtual account the current EUR value. This obviously worked, but it is not a good representation of the reality (apart of messing with the income/expense calculations, see this topic).

So, is there a better way to do it? If not, there should be a better way?

Thanks a lot
Jesus M

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