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How can I search messages in Kmail

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How can I search messages in Kmail

Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:50 pm
I'm running Kubuntu 17.04 with updated KDE PIM 16.12.3 installed. Kmail 5.4.3 will quick search (Alt+Q search box above message panel) in local or imap individual folders but will not search all folders (dialog search box with many options). The dialog box won't even search individual local folders.

I press "s" or right click in the folder tree and select "Find Messages," a dialog box comes up. I put in search criteria and check, search in all folders. I click on Search and nothing comes up in the results box and the Search folder is empty.

This post'search%20mail'%20doesn't%20work%20at%20all indicates that I need to Check if your distribution ships a "baloo-pim" or similar package, or "akonadi-search". How can I do this?
My Synaptic Package Manager shows I have 7 Akonadi search libraries installed:


I searched for baloo with Dolphin and found 3 entries for akonadi-baloo-indexer. I installed Akonadi Console and found I have **Akonadi Baloo Indexing Agent**.

My local folders have Enable Full Text Indexing checked. When I tried searching on local folders\inbox without "include subdirectories" checked, I received a message:


I canceled and clicked "Reindex Current Collection" in Folder Properties>Maintenance. It returns a message warning that it will take some time. How can I tell if I'm supposed to click OK or not? How can I tell if it is currently reindexing? I went back and found that the number of files in the folder and the number of files indexed were the same. Another time I received the message again, I did not cancel but checked reindex. The progress bar showed 0% for 10 minutes akonadi_baloo_indexer showed no CPU use in System Activity. When I checked the Maintenance tab in Folder Properties, number of files and number of files indexed were the same.

System Settings>Workspace>Search>Plasma Search>Desktop Search (searches through files, emails and contacts) is checked.

I ran a search and it returned no results but there was a message in the Search Folder, Some of the search folders in this query are still being indexed or are excluded from indexing completely. The results below may be incomplete.

I removed my baloorc file in ~/.kde/share/config/baloorc and then restarted akonadi via
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sudo akonadictl restart

I put
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in baloorc and restarted the Akonadi Indexing Agent in Akonadi Console.

Kubuntu 17.04, Kontact 5.4.3 Toshiba Satellite laptop

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