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Problem adding second gmail (custom domain) account to KMail

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I am on latest Tumbleweed: 5.15.4, 5.12.3, 5.57.0

Already have one gmail account (personal) added to KMail, no problems there.

Adding second account, all seems fine, asks for additional auth etc. Now. There is no root level folder for this new account. I have tried all tricks in my book (for now). Looking at akonadiconsole is just too verbose for me since I don't know the intrinsics. I can see though that the main collection was not made for this new mail account. Tried adding through the wizard, tried adding it as a custom server. Looking at subscriptions shows nothing, looking at server info says I need to sync it first. The sync job fails (no error in user UI), there is an error in akonadiconsole though - Failed: 0 collections found. Collection RemoteId imap://...redacted/

Basically either I missed something and maybe IMAP is not working (how do I diagnose that?) or the missing root collection is causing everything to ****. After diagnosing the first one if someone can help me, I'd like to try adding that collection manually OR find a reason why it's not created.

I am fine with debugging things besides reading logs, but the automatic way of loading debug symbols didn't work, so I would need help with that. Almost forgot - got a few crashes too, but useless since I can't reproduce and stack traces were garbage (no symbols). Related to trying to sync the new acc.

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