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MarbleWidget: detect if user clicked on a line

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how can I detect if a user clicked on a line on the map that was drawn using:
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void GeoPainter::drawPolyline( const GeoDataLineString & lineString )

I especially need to know which of the lines was selected. I did not find a suitable way especially when the line was drawn using:
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EDIT 23.04.2020:

What I tried so far:
I discovered that MarbleWidget::whichFeatureAt returns nothing for poly lines.

I tried to use Marble::GeoDataLineString::latLonAltBox for determining with GeoDataLatLonAltBox::contains (const GeoDataCoordinates &) if the coordinate of my click position is within the GeoDataLatLonAltBox. This did not work as expected. Especially when drawing with Marble::Tessellate. The GeoDataLatLonAltBox does not respect the option.

I tried using GeoPainter::regionFromPolyline do determine if the clicked point lies within the region of one of the the GeoDataStringLines. Here I get performance issues (with 19.04.3) when calling GeoPainter::regionFromPolyline from within the render function. I get too many render events when the map is zoomed in. But apparently this approach does not work as well.

Currently I am out of ideas and would appreciate some help. Thanks.

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