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kde-valgrind how to integrate OR how to call valgrind in KDe

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My problem is very-very simple: I want to call valgrind from inside the Kdevelop tool 8) .
For ex. I can do it easily in QtCreator => very-very easily ^-^
But I can't do it at all at the latest ver. of Kdevelop - 4.3 (4.3.1) >:(
And yes - I found one absolutely non-working menu item: Run -> Profile Launch...
And it seems than I can't make it work - coz I found this BZ:
and the ?final? decision is very interesting - "this [menu item] should be disabled/removed" >:D
So I've started to google some variants and found this: ... v-valgrind
and this:

'This amazing kde-valgrind plugin should be the answer on all my questions...." - that is how I thought at the beginning.
But when I started to apply all steps described in this pdf I found that:
OR pdf was created not as a final doc - only as a draft,
OR version of Kdevelop which authors of this pdf could used was much less than 4.3 and because of that
all actions which were described in this pdf - right now I can't apply with my ver. of Kdevelop
OR coz I've tightly faced with Linux only right now (I am working primarily at windows) - I found something very new for me && I can't understand simple things.

So I need a help from you guys ;)
HOW correctly I should turn on the support of calling valgrind from the kdevelop.
And IF the only correct answer is - "use this kde-velgrind plugin" - pls. advise me - HOW correctly I should compile this plugin.
Because right now I can get *.so file but kdevelop do no see this plugin(*.so file) as an installed and an available plugin.

And that has happened indeed with "Run -> Profile Launch" menu item - why it isn't working?

I am using Kubuntu 12.04. kdevelop was installed from the official repo: sudo apt-get install kdevelop.
And all dependencies also were installed in same manner.
Also there is nothing changed|added at .bashrc or .kde/* file(-s).
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Probably the X-KDevelop-Version in the .desktop file of the plugin does not match your currently installed kdevplatform version.
However, if it was working correctly, then it would probably have been updated... so I'd expect it not to work in some way if you just change the version number.


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