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kdevelop project handling

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kdevelop project handling

Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:48 pm
Dear kdevelop team,

first let me say thank you for such an impressive IDE. I used kdevelop3 and now kevelop4 for
a about 10 jears for c++ development. The most of time kdevelop was a perfect co-worker for me.

Installing a new version of xubuntu forced me to install a recent version of kdevelop (4.3.90)
and I noticed that some mayor functions are not working anymore:
* It's not possible to open more than
one instance of kdevelop by default.
(I had to erase some mysterious session files
before. Should I start a new session every time?)
I don't think that is the official way...

* It's not possible to start kdevelop by
command line with a project.
(Currently it crashes after
"Unable to load project")
If it does not crash it throws some
session lock errors...

Please tell me:
How can I easily open a project from the
command line, so that a new instance
of kdevelop starts ?

I need multiple instances of kdevelop in a simple manner because I use a multi head system
for software development. I use the window manager to switch between instances conveniently.

Is there a chance to get back these things?
Thank you and best regards,
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Re: kdevelop project handling

Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:02 pm

You cannot open the same session in two instances of KDevelop. You can however just create a new session, and always have two instances of KDevelop, one running session A and one running session B. The easiest way to manage all this is to run kdevelop with the "-ps" (pick session) command line option. There's also several other commands which select or create sessions directly; you can have a look at them when you type kdevelop --help.


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