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How to use breeze-dark icons with AppImage?

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I want to use KDevelop AppImage because I experience some parser bugs with the version shipped with Kubuntu 18.04 (5.2.1).

I'm using Breeze dark theme and I want to keep using it with the AppImage.
The icons are wrong, light icons are used instead of dark ones:


What I have tried so far:

- QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE and QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME. It changes the theme but not the icons.
- Extracting AppImage; copying /usr/share/icons/breeze-dark to squashfs-root/usr/share/icons/breeze. After creating/launching the AppImage: no change
- Extracting AppImage; copying breeze breeze-dark, also copying breeze-dark contents into squashfs-root/usr/share/icons/humanity. After creating/launching the AppImage: no change.
- Extracting AppImage; copying all themes and modifying squashfs-root/usr/share/color-schemes/Breeze.colors and squashfs-root/usr/share/color-schemes/BreezeDark.colors; I have added this section in both files:

Code: Select all

Still... no change :(

How do I get the dark icons in KDevelop AppImage ?

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