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problem entering special characters

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problem entering special characters

Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:10 pm

to enter special characters in KDevelop, the key sequence Ctrl+Shift+U, followed by the Unicode code and Space, perfectly works.

I'd like to use keyboard shortcuts for certain Unicode characters. For this I am using KDE's "custom shortcuts" by adding a "global shortcut" send keyboard input. I did not find any other possibility to assign Unicode characters to key events in KDE or Linux, generally (the Linux keymaps don't seem to provide this functionality).

As an example I'd like to enter the < character (smaller-than), which is Unicode 3C. For this I assigned Alt+Y the keyboard input
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This strategy works in all applications I tested, for example Visual Studio Code and Firefox. But it does not work in KDevelop. When I press Alt+Y in KDevelop, most of the times only the characters 3C, followed by a blank, appear. When I repeat it several times, sporadically < appears, but rarely.

My situation is that I bought a Laptop that is only available with English keyboard layout, but I use it with German layout because I'm used to it and don't care about the labeling of the keys. In this situation the three characters <>|, which are needed quite often, are not available by any key combination whatsoever. Here's a screenshot of my KDE configuration:

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Best regards,
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This is probably not specifically related to KDevelop, but to Qt's input handling. Unfortunately I don't know enough about that to help with your issue.

I'm working on the KDevelop IDE.

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