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KDevelop Javascript/ECMAscript support

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I use KDevelop for Python development, and am a big fan generally (although I always get the impression I'm not getting the most, or anything, out of Projects as I use the filesystem tool view rather than the 'Project' view

Anyway, I also do a bit of JS development on the same projects, and I've found that _mostly_ everything works fine but a few things don't. ECMAscript shorthand syntax e.g.
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const my_object = {
    my_function(frm) {
or just class declarations, both throw a 'Syntax error' in the Problems toolview and wiggly red lines under the code.

The KDevelop 'Features' page (on the website) says that 'QML and Javascript' is a fully-supported language; is that some heavily-restricted version of Javascript (or does it _actually_ mean Javascript and not ECMAscript)? It still initially gave me the impression that 'Javascript' (i.e. ECMAscript) would be supported, but that appears not to be the case unless I am doing something wrong?

If the support is incomplete, is there a way to turn it off (just to stop the errors)?

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