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Issues with KDevelop GUI and dark color themes

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Hello all,
I really like working with KDevelop, but I'm preferring dark theme (like Breeze Dark). I guess lots of devs prefer darker colors, but I'm constantly having issues with the KDevelop GUI with the dark themes. The issue is that lots of icons and other GUI elements are not adapting for dark themes and becoming invisible/hardly visible.

For example:
The toolbar icons are staying dark and hardly visible (this is only issue for AppImage). Similar issue for the execution line indicator during the debugging (this is issue for all versions).

Also the active tab is practically indistinguishable from inactive ones and the Navigation widget popups are just ignoring any changes in themes. I have some experiences with development using QT so I would like to try to fix some of those problems, but I would be glad if someone could provide some insides...
  • The KDevelop from repository seems to be just using system-wide icons but the AppImage seems to be coming with its own icons. Curiously I cannot see these icons after extracting the AppImage. Are they part of the binary?
  • Debugger execution line indicator color seems to not react on any changes in themes, or anything else. Is the color just hardcoded or is some icon file used for that? If its hardcoded, where I can roughly find it in the source?
  • The indistinguishable active tab may just be general issue of Breeze dark color theme, but although lots of colors in the theme can be customized by KColorSchemeEditor I have not found this particular option.
  • Navigation widget popups colors are also seems to not react on anything. Are they also hardcoded, or is there some StyleSheet for this?

Thank you for any help.

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