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Running compiled Kexi 3.1

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Running compiled Kexi 3.1

Fri Dec 01, 2017 4:53 pm
Hrishikesh had reported problems with runtime error for compiled Kexi:

All I can say if that I've seen similar error and it's local environment misconfiguration actually never appearing for properly deployed application. We need to analyse if we can have better behavior and if so we will fix. We're careful with such things as can be seen with missing icons: Kexi gently informs about this in human language.

More detailes info for Hrishikesh that I believe we will expanded here. We want to very good and efficient build instructions.


Have you set all required variables since what we're doing here in development is overriding the global environment with very local one? ... mmand_Line

It would help if you attach result of your 'set' command (all variables) that you have before you run Kexi.

For example icons: breeze can be installed locally in ...inst5/share/icons/breeze/breeze-icons.rcc (if you build breeze-icons package for the same prefix) or can be globally available in the system. If your OS is not providing the rcc file (because it's a newer habit to include
the rcc with breeze icons - on my request) you need to build the breeze-icons.git repo and install too locally. Kexi-own icons on the other hand are in ..../inst5/share/kexi/3.1/icons/kexi_breeze.rcc.
Locally installed icons (breeze-icons.rcc if they are local, and always kexi_breeze.rcc) are found IF you have XDG_DATA_DIRS set.

Please see the link above.

Best regards,
Jarosław Staniek

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